The unexpected song

Like a vintage song

Your love calms my soul

When in debt I soar

You transcended to bring me home

My strongholds are melted

like chain into snow

like a river

my awareness flows

in awe of you

How amazing is that

to made it all by design

My heart is consumed

with a love far greater than time

The traffic hits the road. We were hustling up to go to Every Nation Church in Brisbane.  And because we were late, we ended up going to Hillsong Church.

Before the service came to close, I saw individuals getting out of the comfort of their seat. They walked towards the pulpit and asked for prayers. In no time, the space in front of the church is filled with young people being prayed over. This happened after the pastor asked the parishioners of late age to go in front and challenged the young generation to get something from them.

Then a lady excuses herself to get into her seat just a couple of chairs away from me. But before she got off, she told me that she wants to pray for me. And that prayer put me in a state of gratitude. Every word in her prayer are the exact things I’d like to be prayed for. She’s like reading my heart. It was amazing how she was able to do it. Everything is just spot on.

So the night ends with so much inspiration. Then the words in the poetry above offered themselves to me. I posted it on social media where a friend (of a friend) made a song out of it.

Special thanks to Nessa for driving me around Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Warrick.  Shout out to Eunice, a new found friend, for making the song and for bringing me to the highest point in Warrick, Australia.


Any thoughts?

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