10 reasons why I keep coming back to Fortune Island, Philippines


The Philippines is a country blessed with superb natural beauty. The province of Batangas alone is a travel destination jam-packed with white beaches, gorgeous mountains, coves, and diving spots that is only a few hours away from the buzzing streets of Manila.

As a Batangueno, I take pride in my native province, and it just so happen that one of my favorite vacation places is found in its vicinity; specifically 14km away from the shoreline of Nasugbu, Batangas.

So what could you expect from an Island fortuned with the gifts of nature? A surreal holiday experience that will keep you coming back!

1. Unplug!

As a starter, its crystal clear water is so lustful that it will keep you away from your mobile devices. It will make you forget about those notifications and you’ll simply choose to submerge in its cold enticing water, perfect beat for the summer heat!


2. The Sand

Its fine-grained milky sand makes swimming in the salty cold water even more enticing. Each step will bring a sigh of relief and solemnity that will make you wish for an extended holiday break.

Milky Sand.jpg

3. The Grecian Pillars

The Acropolis with Grecian inspired pillars overlooking the sea is one of the reasons why Fortune Island is a bucket lister. And it’s not a surprise! The structure complimented very well, adding depth and mystery, to the natural beauty of this one of a kind place.


4. The Cliff Dive

If you want to go extreme, you can satisfy your adrenaline thirst by cliff diving. There are several spots where you can jump and summon your inner courage. Just remember, courage only follows when faith takes the lead. So I guess its time to take that leap of faith and start jumping into action?


5. The Underwater world

You have never been to Fortune Island unless you have seen the vibrant beauty of its underwater world. From the play of colors of the coral reefs to the graceful dances of the sea creatures, this place will definitely take your breath away. Oh! Have I mentioned that the Island is also a haven of the sea turtles?


6. The Gorgeous Sunset

Of course, any beach getaway is far from complete without gazing at the wonders of the sunset. I can guarantee the gratitude you will feel just sitting idly watching the sun part ways with the Island. It has the power to put you into a trance and look back to thank life for bringing you in this place, right at this magical moment.

Sunset Bo.jpg

7. The Silhouette Shots

Sunrise or sunset you will perfectly manage to get a cool silhouette shots. The Island offers the physical translation of the golden hour. This is the best time for rest and reflections.


8. The Milkyway Galaxy

Thanks to the Islands location, the light pollution is very minimal allowing us to have a glimpse of our very own home, the Milkyway galaxy. This is the moment where you will be reminded of how small we are in the scale of creation yet plays a critical role in the greater scheme of things. Just imagine having your back laid in the comfort of the sand gazing in the magnificence of heaven while counting tailed stars. How insignificant the egoistic issues of life are, don’t you think? A scenery like this validates that you are loved, you are blessed, and you are highly favored!

The Milkyway.jpg

9. The Friendship

And the best part of it all? The people you spend the laughter/struggles with. These are the people whom I called upon to, short notice, yet did not hesitate to spend their weekends with me. I have a lot to share about this amazing people but I’ll let these pictures paint the thousand words.

The Friendship.jpg

10. The Freedom

Day 1, and I was already strucked with awe and wonder when our boat docks at the Island coast. The video below fails in comparison to the real beauty of this paradise. With the first leap off the boat, a sudden realization of freedom burst into my consciousness – a freedom to do just about anything, to be anyone, without guilt, without rules, the freedom to chase dreams, to travel, to love and explore this journey and gift called life.

This video shows a teaser of the beauty that Fortune Island offers in the country of Philippines.

▶️ DTube

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ll visit Philippines soon and I’d love to show you around this awesome country!

A few reminders if you are iterested to visit the Island:

  1. There is no fresh water so you have to bring several gallons and cooking utensils.
  2. There is no cottages so you have to pitch your own tent.
  3. There is no shower room but you can take a bath in the resorts in Nasugbu.
  4. There is a common CR but don’t expect it to be pleasant.
  5. It is recommended to sail early as the wave is treacherous in the afternoon.
  6. Don’t forget to bring a medicine kit.
  7. Remind your contact person in Nasugbu to be quick to respond just in the case of emergency.
  8. The heat can be too much during the afternoon so you have to find temporary shading.
  9. The boat ride (two way) is ₱4000 ($210) for 10 pax whilst resort entrance fee is ₱400 ($21) per head. Please leave a comment below if you want to get the Fortune Island resort contact info.
  10. Please only leave memories but no trash behind.

Any thoughts?

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